Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates & Beyond 1

We could say it’s about a month since graduation, since the end of high school life. Updates?

  • I’m in the UK. I’m understanding trousers.
  • I have begun painting the fence. The fence for the backyard and the drive way. It is going to be a long painful process which I may not be able to finish in time before my start to…
  • BIMM. Is starting some time late September. Basically done with my accommodation. Staying with 5 people, who seem very friendly, easy going, and down to earth. Finalizing tomorrow.
  • I’ve realized that a car is still the only means of proper transport around here. Bus rides and train rides to cities are not routed well. Who wants to go from Southampton - London - Brighton in 6 hours by bus, when you can go from Southampton - Brighton in 70 minutes by car.
  • I’ve being challenged to learn a metal song. My shredding skills are a hilarity. My facial expression is the same as when I eat food. Chatsworth lunchtime buddies would know the face.
  • My dog snores.
  • Spring onions are far spicier here. The same pain as wasabi.
  • I can add cannelloni to my list of “things I can cook”.
  • I misseth my fwenz. X

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