Monday, January 5, 2009

New artists of 2009

As it is 2009, I will be looking forward to many musicians appearing in spring time.

A biggie this year will be DM Stith's new album, released from Asthmatic Kitty.
I recently got his EP/Album (I'm awful at these distinguishing features) called Curtain Speech, and I really like it. It is so eerie and yet really intriguing at the same time.
His new album in March -Heavy Ghost, will be exciting.

Also, Andrew Bird's new album - Noble Beast, out on January 27, is going to be another exciting release that I am extremely looking forward to.

The Fray's self-titled second album-February 3, will mark a long time since there last album came out.

The Decemberists - Hazards Of Love -24th March, another biggie to look out for.

Others :
-Lily Allen, It's Not Me, It's You
-Morissey, Years of Refusal


Sunday, January 4, 2009


How it would be nice to light the hallway
with your voice and ideas,
it would keep the world turning
without the oil.

How it would be easy to succumb to your words
so quickly and well,
we know you mean good intentions
without the war.

But we’re jumping on the bandwagon,
prepare for disappointment,
and when the dawn comes and we realise
that human is as human does:
Inertia may bring us down.

How beautiful it would be to see the world smiling,
but we could just be changing a rusted frame for a new one.