Saturday, October 16, 2010

a month, a month

it's been a month since my move to Brighton, ≈ approx.
& this update is mainly for Aisha.

So much to update on! It's currently cold, freezing, my hands are always cold, vampiric, inhumane. But the people are brilliant, different & liberated. Even the little things, chewing gum is legal, WAHEY. I can protest if I want.
My existential crises are slightly more regular now though, it's probably because I'm not officially in high school any more; but it makes for less writer's block. I do miss my amazing friends, but I'm slowly making new ones which is good. My BIMM songwriting classmates seem to be lovely people in general; and I think there's a growing sense of comradeship & support, which helps with confidence!

& this is lovely, lovely, lovely. Sufjan has gone and mixed folk, orchestra, electronica & shades of hip hop all into one album. A 25 minute song? Genius, genius. Lyrically much more personal, comparisons of love with the apocalypse which seems just about right.
The Age of Adz