Saturday, August 28, 2010

Current State Of Mind; To 4 years later 28/08/10

I really should be doing this in another 2 years time, but my 16 year old self didn't get the proportions right when figuring out the amount the self changes per year.

As for your aspirations...
-Aspiring musician. Well that changed a bit.

And future education?
-BIMM attendee this fall.

And musical interests?
-Oh 2010 has been rather impressive for musical releases.
-Personally, I've found an interest in eccentric drum beats. Making a cymbal go through a distortion filter, loaded on Atari game blitzes.
-I am in love with atonality. I love when a musician moves from love to hate just through the changing of a chord. Life to death. Kick the guitar strings, kick 'em!
-I don't think I've found a sound, but maybe that's a good thing. When people border themselves around something, breaking it makes them feel more fulfilled than what is necessary. I like a foot in folk, a foot in rock, another foot (my feet are unlimited) in classical even.

Interests on the scale of normality?
-I've been fence painting! But that's not an interest, though therapeutic. It gives me the time to go through a whole album on my iPod. I don't particularly enjoy shuffling as much. Oh, shuffling feet are a drag as well.
-I've been cooking! I cook every friday. I also baked cookies; first two batches went awry. I burned them to a crisp, and am now forced to eat them. A taste of my own...actions [medicine is too brilliant a word].
-Musical making, but my boxes have yet to arrive from Singapore which means...I'm limited in my scope. That has given me the chance to do different things though. I'm currently working on a song that touches on the subject of memory loss; spooky, ennui.

Stop there please...
-Yup, still trying to limit the lyrical cheese. Sometimes lyrical cheesiness can actually be limited through the write kind of singing. It's amazing but true.

On to literature
-I'm reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. This is where memory loss inspired me lyrically. There's a certain part of the first chapter which is so flawlessly written, it makes me question my ellipsis glitches, and blank stares. If you're talking to me and I don't answer, it probably isn't on purpose.

Highlights of the summer?
-Going to Thailand and living in an oven for 2 weeks. Realizing the potential for self-sufficiency and sustainability of the whole world, if just all of the equatorial countries went for solar power.

And on to future prospects.
-Hilarious, my answer to this question two years ago was marry Superman/Someone who thinks big. I think I'd stay with that prospect.
-Save the world. Break the sound of silence.

And as for now?
-I've got my IB results! We all dropped down 2-3 points. Teachers and their grade inflation; it's not the same as money!!
-I'm thinking up a band name for myself.

Any last words?
-I didn't dress up as the Joker for Halloween 2008! What a swiz!

End this please.

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