Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aftergrad, Aftermath

It’s July 21st! I think I can say I am slowly settling into England, though I actually haven’t left the house to meet ANYONE - not that I know anyone. My boxes haven’t arrived so I sometimes feel like I’m just on a holiday and will be back to school soon. But no! I’ve graduated! Class 2010! [Not 2009-2010 Chatsworth….we only need a day to graduate, what in the world].

Graduation was July 2, it was nice. It screamed Chatsworth, whether that’s a good or bad thing - I have no idea. The student roasting speech failed, it was some teacher rebellion for that I’m sure. The power failed. The surprise special guest speaker wasn’t a surprise. But Priya’s teacher roast was amazing and so well executed. For that we will be remembered because I doubt anyone could top that.
I did my speech which went well besides the fact that I could have burst into tears any second. I had to think happy thoughts. If I could see the audience, I would have done the underwear thing.
Got a yearbook signed, Tanya complained about her missing page; our homeroom didn’t even have a page, but the TARDIS was there so I’m not complaining.
I felt sick after graduation, too much crying, possible non-fresh dory fish from the fancy dancy French restaurant the night before.
Aisha and I hung around school because of the rain [and maybe because we realized it really was the last day]. We went home. Or I went to a hotel which would be the perfect spaceship hotel design that Richard Branson would think of. 2001 Space Odyssey.
Had a nap. Went to Applebees for a grad/aisha birthday celebration. I felt extra sick which was terrible because I knew I wouldn’t see some of these people again.

Early morning next day was a flight to Thailand! Aisha, Jessa, Priya and Hayato were generous enough to say farewell at the airport which was really sweet. I’m sorry Aisha I had to leave on your birthday!!
I thought it would be the end of Chatsworth mishaps, but it turned out they cancelled my student card on the 30th of June, still days before I were to graduate. Nice Chatsworth, nice. I was already upset that I was leaving friends, so it was difficult to keep myself calm in front of strict, insincere immigration officers. They wanted a cancellation letter. And the old man was trying to have a go at me. It wasn’t until they saw my dad that they decided to back down. Numptys.

Thailand was an oven. A big hot massive oven. It was a lose-lose situation. The less clothes I wore, the more I’d get bitten by mosquitoes. The more clothes I wore, the more likely I’d suffer from a heatstroke. The only place I could think straight was in the rental car where there was an aircon. Equatorial countries could save the world, if they had solar panels. The amount of energy they could produce would probably be able to power the whole world. At the moment, so much energy is wasted. We power our homes through the inefficiency of oil, and we produce more heat. Aircon just makes it worse.
I also had my first “almost-faint” I lost power to all my limbs, my heart rate quickened and I lost visual focus. It was fascinating, and note this was at NIGHT.
I made a new puppy friend. She’s a white mixed terrier sort of dog named Bo Bo.
Ba Ba Bo Bo means insane in Thai, so the dog managed to acquire semi-insanity.
I couldn’t live in Thailand, it’s so hot, and the infrastructure sucks. Sustainability is a foreign word. There is no governmental recycling programme, people throw trash onto the streets thinking it will decompose as quickly as food. The only thing that would keep me there would be the food, the simplicity of finding a toilet and the hilarious adverts.

Plus, with the current political growing animosity I’d give the place some space until the people can sort out the problems. There is SO much disinformation out there between the red shirts and yellow shirts. I still can barely grasp what the difference is and what each party is fighting for. There is propaganda on TV, assassinations of party leaders, a Bangkok elite and poor farmers who’s only saviour was that of Thaksin and his corruption. But truly, every side is corrupt; it’s this politician need of power, but at times that’s not democratic power, it’s almost fascist power.

I did get my IB results. I’m glad that wait is over. I was pretty pleased with the results but I think everyone got a bit lower than expected which would have been a bummer for many people.

I cut my thumb today, I was trying to shred ginger. Been watching recorded Jools Holland shows, so great. Getting back to the guitar but waiting on some equipment currently being shipped. Brownie has lost a bit of weight and continues to enjoy sunbathing. In fact the weather has been quite pleasant, actually not cold! I sweated the other day, this is good news. I watched Where The Wild Things Are last night, that’s a nice film, it screams Dave Eggers dialogue!

Over & Out!

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