Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Christmas Time

The song I wrote for Christmas, I haven't finished recording a proper version yet, but I will do when I get home.
A short video is here on photobucket:-
I got Eva to sing (as my fear of public performance is still...lingering), Naz and Fadhl on the guitars and me on the piano. The piano got a bit drowned out by the guitars though, but Eva sounds great. Our friend Sasha filmed. She likes to talk..and not film whole segments of shows!

Lyrics for singing along! :

It's Christmas Time
[written by Helen Brown; yes she will receive credit for it, and the sheep of Bethlehem will sing in Joy]

G D Em C [easy peazy]

It's Christmas time
And the world will sing in harmony
Let the love flow right out of me
Into your heart.

It's Christmas time
Though the world may disagree
Let's forget about disparities
And fall into place.

Oh, Christmas,
My excuse
To kiss the Joy upon the people's faces
Oh, Christmas,
Well it proves
That the world can dance and sing as one
Oh Christmas

It's Christmas time
Put the pretty lights on the tree
I'll hold you up to put the star right at the top
Like the million suns against the dark sky

It's Christmas time
Hear the music from the hills afar
I will be dancing with my red hat on

Chorus x2, or until you see it fit to end in style.

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