Saturday, November 13, 2010

Awkward Turtle

Peep Show is a probably a new [& late] love.

How many awkward turtles are needed here.

Jez: Ah, you see! He did do it, but for a nice reason. Who's the racist now, Mark?
Mark: [on telephone] Er, Sophie. If you heard that, please ignore it. I'm not a racist. Far from it. Anyway... it's good to hear your voice. I know it's only a recording but you have got a bloody nice voice and...
[laughs lamely]
Mark: God, I just called up to say hi and then...
Mark: Then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like... I like you. I mean, not that. But anyway... I noticed that the paper in the photocopier is running a bit low so... I know it's not really your job but... You know, so... see you tomorrow.
[puts the telephone down]
Mark: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Jez: Oh, fuck!
Mark: Oh, my God.
Jez: Jesus!
Mark: I've really fucked it. Have I fucked it?
Jez: Maybe it was...charming?
Mark: It was the behaviour of an oddball.

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