Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top albums of 2009

20) It's Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have always been a nice minimalist-rock listen. It's Blitz! continues this.

Top Song: Zero

19) Unmap by Volcano Choir

Justin Vernon adds some rich textural layers in his Volcano Choir debut.

Top Song: Cool Knowledge

18) Far by Regina Spektor

Spektor and her drum-beat piano style gives us another worthy album.

Top Song: Dance Anthem of the 80s

17) Slumdog Millionaire OST by A.R. Rahman

A.R Rahman tracks are great and perfect for the film. Though it did come out late 2008, it is well-worth recognition for 2009.

Top Song: O...Saya

16) Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix

Phoenix have created a great summer album, putting some optimism instrumentation back into music.

Top Song: 1901

15) Heavy Ghost by DM Stith

Amazing debut by Stith. So hauntingly arranged.

Top Song: Braid of Voices

14) Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective

How could I deny Animal Collective a top album spot.

Top Song: Lion in a Coma.

13) The Resistance by Muse

Muse add in well done orchestration into their latest effort.

Top Song: Undisclosed Desires.

12) Noble Beast by Andrew Bird

Bird's distinct sound and truly professional whistling [!!!] makes this album a complete pleasure to listen to.

Top Song: Souverian

11) Devotion by Beach House

Beach House are a new discovery of mine this year, and Devotion has cemented my musical interest in them.

Top Song: Gila

10) Bitte Orca by The Dirty Projectors

I really enjoy David Longstreth's guitar, and the interesting time signatures used by the band.

Top Song: Remade Horizon

9) Hospice by The Antlers

There's something so emotionally compelling with Hospice. I can't quite point my finger on what it is, but some of the songs are truly and beautifully heartbreaking.

Top Song: Wake

8) Time To Die by The Dodos

The duo [or maybe trio now] base themselves on a bass drum and guitar, although they are somehow able to sound like a 100 people.

Top Song: Two Medicines.

7) BQE by Sufjan Stevens

The BQE is a fantastic piece of art. Abstract, illusory and equivocal. It should be seen as a work of art rather than just an album.

Top Song: N/A - All of the BQE moves in a way where every movement blends and moves into the next movement.

6) Lungs by Florence + The Machine

Probably one of the best musically arranged albums of the year. Florence's voice is captivating and deep; her imagination and ideas paint us her stories.

Top Song: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

5) See Mystery Lights by YACHT

YACHT were an unexpected discovery this year. Interesting lyrics and arrangements.

Top Song: The Afterlife

4) Two Suns by Bat For Lashes

Like Florence + the Machine, Bat For Lashes offers us an entrance into another world, except this one is darker and more eerie, and it contains an alter ego.

Top Song: Pearl's Dream

3) Dark Was The Night

This Red Hot compilation contains music from [in my opinion] the most prolific artists of today. I'd love to have a few more artists such as Joanna Newsom and St. Vincent, but this is still a fantastic compilation of music.

Top Song: Hey Snow White by the New Pornographers.

2) Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear

Of course Grizzly Bear will be up here somewhere. Veckatimest is fantastic, a smooth flowing album, with such complex arrangements.

Top Song: While You Wait for the Others

1) Actor by St. Vincent

It was difficult to pick a top album, but after long contemplation, I have chosen St. Vincent's Actor as the top album 2009. Actor is a perfectly woven story. With inspiration taken from classical films, Actor moves us through amazing audio colour; the distorted guitar versus the winsome flute. The album pulls you into a different world and it's difficult to find your way back.

Top Song: Generally N/A, but if you're someone who must hear one song to make your decision: Marrow.

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