Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey Wanna Buy A Seat?

It's about a month until exams, a week until SAT prep, and a new house move. The days will come in long AND hard.
I have an extended essay I need to get through, and some artists are just too busy to reply to my folk questions.

Besides all that, I worked on a new song. Probably when I should have been doing other things, but the powers of education need to give me a creative break. I cannot spit out words everyday without the need for something wider, more perplexing, terrifyingly eccentric! So I worked on a song.
Gosh, I don't need to explain myself anyway, this is not a fallacy, this is just a need for right-hemisphere brained work, what I am originally wired for, no doubt.

It's a song I have slowly been working on for the past couple of months. In February when I showed Priya my Birds song, she seemed somewhat eager for me to write a song about the Blagojevich scandal.
I thought it was random, Blagojevich? Until she coherently explained herself.
"But Helen, you're the one that recommended me Illinois."
Huh? OH, the Sufjan Stevens album. Okay, I get it, you want it to be a cheap rip off of his idea!
Well I hope it isn't cheap. It's somewhat Illinois-theme inspired sure, but firstly I don't sound like a 30 year old American male - hopefully - and Stevens has got way more talent than I could shake a stick at.

I'd say my song is in some ways extremely sarcastic. I wanted innocent cynicism with a touch of hand clapping, and coin dropping. Hopefully I got to that. But hey, it's probably my first try at something this musically multi-layered. Improvement can only move upwards?

Really this song is full on dedicated to Priya. Without her help, I'd never would have taken economics as a course, and tried to have somewhat of a more empathetic approach towards the economic side of things. Who knows, I could have been a crazy radical environmentalist by now.
Though it is sort of ironic I'd be dedicating this song to her.
Priya's wisdom conquers all of teen kind. She could run a country, she could be the voice for world peace. We'll have to see about that.

Here it is on Mind the cheesy biography. It was compulsory to be in third-person.
Hey Wanna Buy A Seat?

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