Saturday, September 20, 2008

Man In The Mirror, aka, Capitalism Is Destroying The World!

So we say we all are what we aim to be,
Yet the man in the mirror said “What do you see?”
I see faces, and eyes with little delight,
They’re walking beside me, they’re walking at night.

They talk of money and future ideas,
They have plans of schemes and instant tortillas.
Some call them people, and some call them dim,
I call them zombies, of hurry, of sin.

The man in the mirror told me of hope,
He took my hand and gave me a telescope.
“Look for the small, the special, the fair,
The people of right, the people who care.”

I looked back at him, a tear in my eye,
“My dear friend, I almost forgot how to cry.”
He gave me a smile, and wave of goodbye,
And away did the man, disappear in the sky.

I walked back home crying, unsure of my state,
Was I happy or sad, scared or irate?
I was unsure, but I did not mind,
I have a hope, yes a hope for mankind.

So we say we all are what we aim to be,
But I’ll only agree if you will believe
That glory is here in the palm of your hand,
Closer to you than what’s in demand.

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