Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UK, the last and foremost;

31st July - Thursday
Early wake at 5.30am, eee. Left to the JKF airport, terminal 7. Luckily we flew British Airlines because American Airlines were having this huge baggage crisis.
No problem with the guitar on board the plane (phew). Airplane was pretty empty, which was good for our well being.
Watched half of Semi-Pro but got fed up, then watched the whole of The Other Boleyn Girl - not bad. Flight lasted 7 hours and we arrived UK time - 9pm. Rented out a car (Heartz this time, not Avis!) - a ford Mondeo. What a piggish car. Drove to Swindon-traffic. Ate at this service station for a late bizarre dinner. Checked in at Travelodge, spacious place.

1st August - Friday
Woke up at 10, went to Highworth for brunch, some butteries..heh, but nice tea :)
Then drove to Shrivenham to meet Mike Springs and get the keys to our Swindon house.
Mum’s been bothered by an old friend continuously. The friend’s sooooooooooo excited.
Got to the house, an okay condition despite it’s history (furniture burnings by the infamous Lamb) and is a temporarily live-able place. Went out shopping for some basic house necessities. Carpet change as well as a bed at a bed mall called ~Dreams. Bed salesman was the most unique salesman ever. Named Ben Sperring and he kept throwing free stuff in our faces to buy the bed, it was hilarious, and the stuck coffee mug to the table made me laugh.
Back home, dropped off the bought stuff-vacuum, grass cutter so an so forth.
Dinner was at an Indian Restaurant called Jewel In The Crown, not bad, but wayyy over staffed. We had waiters coming ‘round every 5 minutes asking us if everything was alright.

2nd August - Saturday
Woke up, left at 10 to Argos to buy MORE necessities such as a kettle..
Then drove to Sainsbury’s cafe for brunch, had a full English B’fast....omgzz - dad’s idea.
At the house we got the bed delivered, I vacuumed the living room and then fell asleep on the couch. After that we went to Asda to buy food stuff. At home, I helped pick up the grass my dad was cutting, as well as trimming hedges and brushing in protruding stones.
Ate cup noodles as a snack due to my amazing hard work, wow.
Dinner - fish ‘n’ chips.

3rd August - Sunday
11am wake. Left to the house and made lunch - spaghetti carbonara. Got really sleepy (typically) so I had a huge nap. Once I awoke from my slumber, I helped pick up some cut grass to put in bags. Not a very exciting day..
For dinner, went to a Thai restaurant, pretty hot. I’ve been hay feverish the past few days so my nose was ...runny!

4th August - Monday
Woke up 11am, feeling real sick. Went to the town centre of Swindon for my parents to get Brisith mobile numbers. I finally got myself a proper jacket yay. Got a Subway sandwich, not as nice as Singapores’. The cheese was strange. Went home and then ate again, of course, a vegetarian lasagna!
Another huge nap until 6pm, oops.. Got up and more food shopping. Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant--westernised...heh...

5th August - Tuesday
Woke up, checked out of the hotel, Went to the house for the carpet man to come, had lunch - fish on toast. Left for a long drive up North to Scotland. Stopped at Kendal (north of England) for a check-in at travelodge again. Dinner at another Indian Restaurant and it wasn’t so good.

6th August - Wednesday
Left travelodge and continued up North. Crossed the border and had lunch at Harwick, with me trying to get in tune with the Scottish accent again. My accent must be sooo mixed up - America, England and now Scotland?!
In the car it was KT, Keane and Arcade Fire accompanying me.
We arrived at 6pm - hello’s to my grandmother etc - chit-chat.
Dinner was......Salmon and Potatoes, yay! Interesting conversations.

7th August - Thursday
A chilled day. I ate, played guitar, got some tunes and then ate dinner - lasagna.
Yup yup...and oh, British television is much more interesting I must say.

8th August - Friday
4.5 hours of me watching the opening, I’m insane and strange, I know I know. From 1pm UK time all the way 4.30pm. I did NOT move from that chair, my lunch was there and I had enough water so I was good to go.
I’ll write about the opening.
Dinner - fried vegetable and rice, yay.

9th August - Saturday
Late wake.
For the evening, we went to visit Hannah, Andrew, Keith and Leslie at their house. Had some interestingly entertaining moments, especially concerning the music category. Showed our holiday pictures and touched on important worldly topics such as cutting down on food and energy. But nothing did beat the strange, though unique antics of my Uncle’s passionate enthusiasm on music. It did frustrate the rest of the family, but I must say it was a spectacular sight that only the mention of my influential artists that started him off!
Dinner was spaghetti.

10th August - Sunday
Off to the town of Keith, a place up north of Aberdeen. We went to the cemetery there where a lot of my relatives’ graves reside. Such as great aunt’s, great grandparents, and of course my lovely grandfather’s plaque is there. Took a few pictures of them.
After that we visited a lady called Anne who is my dad’s cousin, meaning my second cousin. She’s in her 60’s and she’s a lovely woman, especially with her husband in hospital with Alzheimer’s disease, she’s very sweet.
After that we drove down back South but through the coastal road where we went through little villages. Had a coffee at.........?
Then headed back down to Aberdeen. Got a takeaway at a popular fish ‘n’ chips place and ate home.
Watched a strange documentary on models of hand, legs and....other incriminating things. ^^

11th August - Monday
In terms of family relations, not the best of days.
Went to town, got school shoes, had lunch..a revolting lunch for sure. We then went to the car dealer - Arnold Clark to finish off car dealings. Dad’s got a Ford Focus Estate.. :|? Some shopping at Tesco’s. Returned home, did some musical play.
Dinner was Salmon and salad.
Interesting documentary, Bill Bryson on littering.

12th August - Tuesday
Last day in Scotland,
messed about, guitar, ate.
Dinner was..I don’t wanna mention, I didn’t like it :( it made me sad.

13th August - Wednesday
On the way down south.
Long drive, watched Beatles movies on my iPod.
Arrived at Crewe and checked into Travelodge. Had internet for one night and so my dad was able to change my airplane seat from the window to the aisle..YES. good good.
Dinner was......SERIOUSLY hot Indian curry, the hottest you can get, ahaha. oh well.

14th August - Thursday
Got up early - 8am. Headed down the highway back to Swindon. Got there 12.30 pm and got the delivery dudes to deliver our boxes all the way from Singapore. All 40 of them. It easily filled up the house, it’s box-land, a box-maze, box-mania!
Normally spent the day unpacking cutlery and crockery, half of it was much for “Interport: The Professional Movers - Delivering with care...Worldwide” - I’m unconvinced.
Also went to Argos, to buy an air bed that you have inflate to with a foot pump, it’s so happening!
No internet, and in the 21st century, it’s tough to do anything without it.
“For full details log on to www...” ahhh, everywhere, it’s everywhere.
Dinner was curry with rice.

15th August - Friday
Woke up at 10 from my air bed! Yes I was flying, just came from France! XD
Had tea, cornflakes, interesting discoveries, etc etc.
Lunch was soup and toast.
Parents went out shopping, I stayed home and was able to nick internet for about an hour, ahhhh not long enough.
Dinner was curry with noodles.

16th August - Saturday
Late wake, lazed about. Went to the Swindon recycling centre. Very interesting! Then went to Tesco’s to buy some food. Purchased a carpet for the living room.
Dinner was Ginger and Chicken w/rice.

17th August- Sunday
Late wake at 11, and got ready to visit old friends in Wootten Basset. Mum’s friend Dang and her husband Trevor. As well as my old childhood friends Daniel and Bo! It was such a blast from the past to see them, it really was. But it was a great feeling and everyone was really nice. We had a late lunch there and got up to speed on things, etc etc. This day was really worth something for sure.
Got home around 6.30, had dinner and watched Little Miss Sunshine. Love that movie as always :]

18th August - Monday
My last full day here. It’s emotionally complicated for me, but I still believe it is for the better. Watched Olympics, read some of my dad’s comics. Talked a lot. All things we’d once take for granted, today it seemed a tiny bit more important.
I got phone calls from my Grandmother as well as Dang and Daniel, all saying safe trip, etc etc.
My mind is foggy and sad but hopeful. To be a good human being in this world is to accept change. So I will accept it, and thrive in it. I will admit to mistakes but still envision a world I’d love to love. I will understand that not all things are simple, yet it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be. To live in whatever way I choose, yes, I chose this. I made this choice. I will always have doubts and ‘what if’s, but in the end I’ll make the most of it. I truly truly will.
Today’s also the end of my holiday. And what a ride it’s been. I couldn’t ask for anything more eclectic. Coming across 3 different continents/cultures. Asia-Thailand, North America and Europse-UK. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more than to have spent this last real holiday with my parents. Our bizarre antics and conversations, it’s special. It is what makes one person stand out from the next. We would never in God’s name, consider ourseleves normal, but in a world far from that word, I’m glad. Of course, this holiday was not perfect, we still miss Brownie like crazy and we did have our fair share of disagreements. But no one intended anything to be perfect. How together could a perfect world hold?
So I leave today with a sense of sadness, the end to a routine, no matter how small and subtle. The end to these first 16 years of my life living with my parents. The triumphs and tyrannies, it all added up to something I could never ever regret or forget. And of course, I would not ask for anything better. Never.

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