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Thailand 2008; 38 degrees of distress!

Summer Holiday 2008

This is my Thailand holiday, lasted for around 2 weeks in July, and I took note of each day on that day.

Stay tuned for..
USA!! :)

2nd July-Wednesday
This is the day where I left Soo Chow Way..forever! Away from the trouble and neighbours who prefer to give people a living nightmare instead of making their lives something more that’s worth living. Is it the fall of civilisation? Maybe!
Left to Castle Green Condo, where my mum’s friend let us stay until it was time to leave to the Airport.
I took an MRT to the Bugis library to drop off a book with Naz and then I then returned to Castle Green, well at least tried. The guard gave me a hard time, asking for my NRIC number, which I don’t have anyway. And I stood there for 5 minutes arguing (yes I actually lost my temper!) with him until I gave up and called my dad. My mum’s friend came down to tell him off, hehe :]
Went on Tiger Airways and ate Tom Yam noodles and watched an episode of Buffy!
Arrived at Na Tia’s (my aunt’s) house around 9, got internet set up! Wireless!! Ate noodle soup!- yum.
Watched Cloverfield..= ridiculously bad movie.

3rd July-Thursday
Woke up pretty late, walked to the market and Tesco express to purchase the ‘undying love products of food’. (lol that’d be a cool song title).
Ate at a Noodle soup place, set on a boat on the river. The specialty is Boat Noodle soup!! Lol-the irony.
Arrived home and chilled. Dinner was Green Curry with noodles. We watched What Happens In Vegas. Consistently brainless entertainment, no mind-boggling puzzles.

4th July-Friday
Woke up, got ready to go to Future Park Mall. Bought new Scholl shoes, FINALLY. Other ones fell apart, haha. Dad bought No Country For Old Men which we watched. Pretty interesting movie with morally hidden meanings, but slow moving. Green Curry with rice this time for dinner.

5th July-Saturday
Stayed home all day and ate whatever there was hehe. Na Tia (my aunt) arrived from Hong Kong at 4.30 just when me and Dad were spying in her car. Perfect timing.
We all talked a lot. Nothing big, except for the big dinner! :D
Watched some cheesy and seriously old film on Thai TV, about some woman possessed. Gave me the ultimate LOLs.

6th July-Sunday
Woke up and headed on a road trip, towards Udon Thani.
Drove to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) and checked in at the Sima Thani hotel. Took a tuk-tuk to the night bizarre and walked for ages trying to find a restaurant to eat at. It seems business isn’t doing so well. Walked back to the night bizarre dad bought a mp3 cd filled with 180 club hits. I nearly died of the cheesiness and the strange song titles.

7th July-Monday
Perfect timing! I wore yellow on a Monday :)
Most Thai’s wear yellow on Monday to pay homage to the King.
Checked out early and drove and stopped off at Wat Pahnom Roong (a temple). Its design was similar to Angkor Wat, it had some history to do with Cambodia and the Brahmins. Quite nice place. After the walk, we had some more noodle soup right outside the temple. The lady there also said business isn’t doing so well either. World recession is comin’ on, comin’ on on on. (too much club hits being played in the car)
Drove to Ubon Ratchathani and checked in at the Tohsang Hotel at around 6pm. No internet, roar. Took ages for dinner, finally went to a place called Smiles = :D

8th July-Tuesday
Checked out of the hotel and drove to Nahkon Panom. The journey was scarily quiet..not many cars on the road, price of oil is high for sure!! Everyone’s off complaining about it. We ate lunch at Mukdahan, a town 100 km away from Nahkon Panom. The weather was..wet. Wet season you see.
Found a franchise that sells coffee called “Cafe Amazon” and they are found at every PPT petrol station. They have nice cafe lattes!! :)
We arrived at the Nahkon Panom Riverview Hotel at around 5pm. Had wireless but truly slow. Ate at a nice riverview restaurant. YUMMY :D

9th July-Wednesday
Woke up around 9. Parents complained of noisy hotel neighbours last night. I slept through the whole commotion, gahaha.
We left at 10.30am and headed off to Udon Thani! - where my grandmother and cousin live. :)
Did many stops, mainly either 7/11 snack stops or shopping stop at Tescos to buy stuff for dinner. I fell asleep in the car most of the way through it (while my dad was still going through those 180 club hits he bought). We rented out a Toyota Yaris in Bangkok when we arrived you see, and well it’s a pretty compact car. Found myself having to bend my legs to sleep, and when I wake up, I can never feel them - pins and needles! AHHH. BUT, it’s a very clean car, uses as little petrol as possible. So the pained legs are worth it!
Arrived at Udon Thani at around 4pm-lots of greetings, etc etc.
Grandmother has a new puppy, fully black and is apparently half Labrador! She’s only a few months old and she’s really sweet. She didn’t have a name so all my saved up mediocrity has been used just for this moment... I named her....JOLLY :D Christmas cheer everyone!

10th July-Thursday
Woke up at around 9.30 am today. Everyone typically up before me. My cousin went to school, and me and my parents had to get down to some important business.
The night before, my dad stumbled on a fact that he needs a USA visa as well. So this has put my whole USA holiday on hold! AHHH.
My dad applied for a VISA today and now we have to wait and see, how long it will take before he can get it. :|
maybe we have to go on holiday to Scotland before USA first. Or maybe the US is is is is...CANCELLED :| oh the agony, we’ll have to wait and see.....

11th July-Friday
Right, well we went back to the internet cafe, to change air flight dates as well as plan what to do. It costs SO much to change flights and stuff and a lot of the flights were fully booked. dad tried his best and came up with...ditching Seattle (Washington) and ditching out Oregon :( . Leaving us with California and New York. We’ve lost 4 planned US days, so.. we’ll be leaving to San Francisco on the 18th and leaving New York to London still on the 31st. It shortens our US holiday to 12 days instead of the original 16 days. It was the only thing my dad could do I’m afraid, but we did agree that 4 states was kind of overdoing it. Now we have 2 states, which should be enough. Plus it’s still including my highly anticipated New York City. Though this is assuming that my dad is issued his VISA on time before next Friday. Hopefully so..

12th July-Saturday
Left Udon Thani early, said bye-etc. Boring day, lots of driving, etc. Arrived in Bangkok at around 4pm. So it was a 6 hour drive!!! AHH. crazy stuff.
I had an awful headache the whole day as well, kinda spoiled any kind of fun I could have fabricated. XD

13th July-Sunday
Wow, another boring day. I was stuck home on the computer doing nothing. Parents went out...was my dad’s VISA day. But he gots it, 2-3 days to be issused.

14th July-Monday
Hmm, today I was stuck with my Lonely Planet Guide reading on New York City, since it’s my job to plan the 5 days there, woo. Watched Bobby the movie at night, pretty sad, touching story actually, despite it's low Metacritic review.

15th July-Tuesday
Stayed home, searching up some new albums and artists such as Duffy, and Death Cab’s new album which I’ve been late in getting into. So far, it seems prominently better than the previous album Plans which had a problem with repetitiveness. These days have been so boring, just waiting for my US trip.

16th july-Wednesday
My parents went to get the visa, yay! Now America is definitely on.
Went out with everyone for dinner, including my aunt’s friend. The place was a STEAKHOUSE, ahh, you don’t know how hard it was for me to find something non-beef and non-pork on that menu. Luckily, I found a chicken spaghetti!

17th july- Thursday
My last day in Thailand.
Woke up and got ready to head to the airport to drop off the car, then head to an airport hotel. You won’t believe the amount of crap my dad got due to a scratch on the car, though it was there before we took the car in. They tried to charge my dad money but my dad refused and told them he’s gonna complain to the big boys XD lol. The company AVIS.
Anyways, after that commotion we checked into the Thong Tha Resort, which is still in construction! Only 5 months old! XD

Next in 2 weeks, USA.

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