Friday, May 9, 2008

My Top DH/DC/Marvel Comic Movies So Far

8. Fantastic Four
Now I’ve always been a fan of Fantastic Four. I just liked the fact that it was a 4-people superhero group, all related to each other, trying to understand their powers but also get along with another. Now the first movie wasn’t so impressive, with a very weak ending, but that was substantially improved in the second one. Silver surfer was done VERY WELL, and the sequel deserves a bit more recognition with what it got from the ever-so harsh critics. I didn't exactly like the character of Sue Storm being portrayed by Jessica Alba, but she has kind of made the character her own, and she deserves something for that.

7. Hulk
The first movie didn’t do so well in the box-office nor did it do so well with the critics, but I’ve always liked the idea of the Hulk. An innocent man but with a deadly alter ego, kind of like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, (probably an idea Stan Lee got off anyway).
Eric Bana wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he potrays Bruce Banner reasonably and the movie is strong enough to carry forth the introduction of the Hulk.
Now, the Incredible Hulk! (the sequel) has saved the Hulk franchise. Edward Norton is an intriguing Bruce Banner, and the whole cast was very impressive. I prefer this so much more than the first movie. I saw the cameo appearance none other by the Tony Stark himself. And the Avenger initiative is just getting more and more exciting by the minute.

6. Spiderman
Now Spiderman, has all-in-all been taken on very well. All 3 movies were made very well. My favourite would actually be the last one, where 3 villains were able to be weaved into one storyline. I found that clever, though the critics found that too much, and they preferred the dead boring Spider man 2. Okay I’m being a bit harsh there, but Spider man 3 was far better in my opinion. Tobey Maguire is a cute Spiderman! I’ve never really liked Kirsten Dunst but she had the character look, I’ll give her that. My favourite villain so far would be the Sandman, AMAZING CGI, and a character you can connect with even at sympathy level.

5. X-men
OF COURSE, this movie was what started off this comic book to movie craze. First one not the best but it was so impressive when it first came out, everyone was amazed over it. X-men 2 in my opinion was the best, discovering new and witnessing their special powers, all fun fun. Now Bryan Singer directed X-men one and two, he in my opinion is a very good comic movie director. Problem was he pulled out of X-men 3 to direct Superman Returns (more on that later) and that’s where I found X-men 3 disastrous. Produced by Brett Ratner, only because they needed someone to fill in for Bryan Singer. If only Singer could have made both, then the the last X-men movie wouldn't have been so disappointing. But the first 2 X-men's make this Marvel group a joy and excitement to watch.

4. Hell Boy
Ahh, Hell Boy, what would I do without you and your hilarious tough guy humour.
I’ve always liked Hell Boy, the only real successful movie that was neither DC comics or Marvel, but Dark Horse! Hell yea, an independent comic company! I liked the original idea of Hell Boy. Guy from Hell but is GOOD. Ron Perlman is what MADE Hell Boy...okay well Stan Lee technically made Hell boy, but you get what I mean! And the first movie was extremely impressive, plus I highly respect the directing talent of Guillermo del Toro, same guy that did Pan’s Labyrinth.
Can’t wait for Hell Boy 2 :)

3. Superman Returns
Really liked the fact that Superman has been made into a very serious, well produced film. Bryan Singer of course, guy who abandoned X-men 3, for Superman. But I'll forgive him because he did Superman to such perfection. Amazing CGI, special effects, all so convincing.
Brandon Routh looks exactly like Christophe Reeve, coincidentally...but he brings that perfect man look with him. Because after all Superman is supposed to be the perfect looking man no?
Kate Bosworth was very sweet in this film as Louis Lane, and of course Kevin Spacey is perfect.
I really did like this film and was sad it didn’t do so well in the box-office, I mean COME ON it’s Superman-the man of steel, the man of all things pure!

2 Iron Man
Recently watched this, and I must admit was extremely weary of Robert Downey Junior playing Tony Stark. Junior hasn’t had a breakthrough performance in years, but I’ll be honest, I think Iron Man has catapulted his career back.
He IS tony stark. He’s got the quick wit, the humour and the sarcasm. I was just blinded by all of Junior’s personal life in the media that I forgot that he was and always will be the perfect actor to play Stark.
I really liked this film. Iron Man may come off as such a dull name..a man made of iron. But in the end, it has one of the most complex comic plots I’ve ever seen. Alot of hidden political punches in it. And we are able to see this once self-centered character progress into someone so different and amazing. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the sweet and lovable assistant Pepper. Good supporting cast with Terence Howard and of course Jeff Bridges as the Iron Monger!
Very very impressed, and Junior has once again, gained my respect. :)

1. Batman Begins
Who else could have brought us back a character that we thought was already killed in such mediocre, poorly directly films? Christian Bale.
Yes they’ve found the perfect Batman, and when you find the perfect Batman..well just get rid of all those awful Batman films and make Batman start from the very beginning again! And that's exactly what they did. Long gone are the cheesy one liners and tight suit.
No this time we see a bite of reality. A man who never had any super powers, becoming a superhero, who still didn’t have any superpowers.
Batman has been saved, by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, with a great cast (though wasn’t so keen on Katie Holmes).
This movie is my number one comic movie because it was able to turn itself around into a fantastic movie that starts Batman off from the very beginning.

Upcoming DH/DC/Marvel Comic Movies to be excited about:
-The Dark Knight: Batman sequel, can't wait. Heath Ledger's Joker should be amazing, same with Two-Face :D
-Superman: Man Of Steel: woo, new Superman!!
-Silver Surfer: We all love that guy! Come on, he's silver and shiny! And his own spin-off should be fantastic. Plus rumours that we'll see a human form of Galactus!!!
-Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army: Guess who's back....:D
-Iron Man 2: First one was great, second one shouldn't disappoint, plus we need more Nick Fury!
-Thor: OH YES, my dad was so happy when this was announced as a movie.
-Captain America: hmm, maybe too patriotic for me, but he doesn't sound too egotistical.
-The Avengers: Now THIS is what I'm waiting for. The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-man AND Thor?! This is just too much to ask for. :P

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